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Halloween Trick or Treat Bonding Ideas with Your Grandchildren

Halloween Trick or Treat Bonding Ideas with Your Grandchildren

halloween ideasHalloween will fall on the weekend this year. It’s a great time to bond with your grandchildren and give them a little scary yet a fun experience this Halloween weekend. My all time favorite Halloweens have been with my grandchildren.  We like to start the holiday with a trip to the Nashville Zoo where we enjoy “Boo at the Zoo”.  My favorites are the hayride and the dragon.  Aunt K always gives the kiddies special attention at her “Event”.  Here are a few ideas to give them a night to remember. Read the rest of this entry

Storytelling with Your Grandchildren

Storytelling with Your Grandchildren

storytelling-bookSummer’s here and school is out! Whenever I have the opportunity to be with my grandchildren, I see to it that we’re going to have a blast. My youngest granddaughter loves to play and goof around. She also enjoys listening to stories that make reading to her an enjoyable moment for me as well. Read the rest of this entry

Tips to Become an Awesome Grandparent

Tips to Become an Awesome Grandparent

Being a parent and especially a grandparent is a beautiful, unique and a gratifying experience. It creates a sense of self-fulfilment especially if we are lucky enough to pass down great values and beliefs to our grandchildren. It grants us a certain warmth that translates to a smile whenever we see our little ones happy and embracing all life has to offer.

Grandparents’ day is coming in a few days. This is a good opportunity for us grandpas and grandmas to further develop a good relationship with our grandkids. For nanas like me, how do we become the ‘cool’ grandparent that they want to be with or remember? Here’s some advices on how we oldies can happily bond with our grandchildren.

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Grandchildren Want Digital Connections

Grandchildren Want Digital Connections

Connecting with Grandchildren via Digital

Grandchildren want digital connections with their grandparents.  Are you staying current enough to be there – where ever that is – when they ask for it?  It used to be my space, then facebook, text, twitter, instagram and so on.  By the time we master it seems they have found something new.  So I am now finding something that allows me to connect with them and they know I am there for them.

I have hang outs with my 3 year old granddaughter so we can read a book together.  We also skype and facetime.  My eight year old granddaughter loves to do facetime and practice her charms.  My 13 year old grandson posts things to instagram and sometimes I see it.  My 11 year old grandson love food so he checks out my recipes and asks for special meals when he visits.  The 15 year old keeps me on my toes and teaches me what I need to know.

How about you?

Games for the 50+, Grandparents & Grandchildren Friendly Video 


The right game environment offers both the connections around activity and adventure but also helps to bridge the digital differences between generations. Next time, we’ll talk about some surprising connections between 


Grandchildren Want More Digital Family Connections


A survey of almost a thousand UK youngsters reveals that they are fine with their parents and grandparents being on Facebook; in fact, they want more family connectedness on social networks. Here are more highlights from 

http://www.retirementhomes.com/library/5-digital-ways-to-connect-grandparents-with-grandchildren/“>5 Digital Ways To Connect Grandparents With Grandchildren


Every person starts off with four grandparents. Even so, it’s common that some or all grandparents may live many hours away. Precious time between these generations is sweet but often too short. But now technology provides Read the rest of this entry