Storytelling with Your Grandchildren

Storytelling with Your Grandchildren

storytelling-bookSummer’s here and school is out! Whenever I have the opportunity to be with my grandchildren, I see to it that we’re going to have a blast. My youngest granddaughter loves to play and goof around. She also enjoys listening to stories that make reading to her an enjoyable moment for me as well.

While browsing the internet for good books for children, I encountered an awesome website that makes personalized storytelling books – Wondrous Ink. The photos and illustrations are portrayed very well. They are catchy and the colors are vibrant. I found myself at the way these books look but what I really love about them is that they can be personalized! How cool is that?

The books give a heartwarming story that uses each letter’s of the child’s name to let them know that they are special and unique in their own little ways. The letters symbolize positive characteristics of the child which they can discover and hone with each interaction. At the end of the story, the book shows the children a self-realization that the good qualities in the character of the story spelled out their name.


This is a very great idea to let our grandchildren know that they are indeed special to this world. Not only do these personalized books lift a child’s well-being, it also lets all readers use their imaginations as they think of other words their names can mean. I’ll bet that it’s going to be my granddaughter’s favorite book and it could be your grandchildren or children’s fave book too!

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