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Instagram for Start-Ups

Instagram for Start-Ups

instagram for startupsIt’s nice for your work to be something that you enjoy and love.  If you have a passion like this, why not create a business around doing the things you truly love doing? You can start by showcasing your skills, expertise and talents through social media. Social profiles and business page creation is free of charge, and everyone can post anything they like as long as it follows the website’s guidelines, terms and conditions.  Read the rest of this entry

Amazon’s Twitter Wish List, Perfect for the Coming Holidays

Amazon’s Twitter Wish List, Perfect for the Coming Holidays

amazon partners with twitter

Amazon has once again partnered with Twitter to push the ecommerce’s social media shopping efforts.

The holidays are fast approaching and there’s no more perfect time for Amazon to introduce their wish list integration to Twitter. According to the data gathered by the ecommerce giant, one in three of their customers added items to wish lists last year. This feature may become hugely popular as the holidays come closer.

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Baby Boomers and Technology Evolving

Baby Boomers and Technology Evolving

As a representative of the baby boomer generation, I am lucky to have seen and experienced the evolution of technology over the years. Technology’s ongoing advancements make almost everything more convenient these days. I’m still in awe at how the internet has changed the world in numerous ways – how it lets us connect with distant people, how we can explore and find new things we never knew existed until we see it on Google, how fast things spread and so much more!

Plus, I couldn’t imagine that life would be so much easier with the help of the cool gadgets available today. You can simply download a game, different apps ranging from social, photo to video sharing instantly and most of them are free of charge!  These gadgets are generally referred to as apps and are great on your mobile devices.  On the computer the different browser refer to them as extensions.

Instagram's Hyperlapse App

A new app that’s starting to create a buzz in the social community is Instagram’s Hyperlapse. I’ve seen a few awesome videos and read a lot of good reviews about it.

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Grandchildren Want Digital Connections

Grandchildren Want Digital Connections

Connecting with Grandchildren via Digital

Grandchildren want digital connections with their grandparents.  Are you staying current enough to be there – where ever that is – when they ask for it?  It used to be my space, then facebook, text, twitter, instagram and so on.  By the time we master it seems they have found something new.  So I am now finding something that allows me to connect with them and they know I am there for them.

I have hang outs with my 3 year old granddaughter so we can read a book together.  We also skype and facetime.  My eight year old granddaughter loves to do facetime and practice her charms.  My 13 year old grandson posts things to instagram and sometimes I see it.  My 11 year old grandson love food so he checks out my recipes and asks for special meals when he visits.  The 15 year old keeps me on my toes and teaches me what I need to know.

How about you?

Games for the 50+, Grandparents & Grandchildren Friendly Video 


The right game environment offers both the connections around activity and adventure but also helps to bridge the digital differences between generations. Next time, we’ll talk about some surprising connections between 


Grandchildren Want More Digital Family Connections


A survey of almost a thousand UK youngsters reveals that they are fine with their parents and grandparents being on Facebook; in fact, they want more family connectedness on social networks. Here are more highlights from 

http://www.retirementhomes.com/library/5-digital-ways-to-connect-grandparents-with-grandchildren/“>5 Digital Ways To Connect Grandparents With Grandchildren


Every person starts off with four grandparents. Even so, it’s common that some or all grandparents may live many hours away. Precious time between these generations is sweet but often too short. But now technology provides Read the rest of this entry

Best use of Facebook for B2B

Best use of Facebook for B2B

The Best use of Facebook for B2B Marketers

The Best use of Facebook for B2B Marketers is not the same as a personal facebook page.  Many B2B marketers approach Facebook and all social media with the knowledge of how to maintain a personal profile.  But getting results from a business Page for their B2B company is often a lot more difficult. There are two basic things you need to know about managing a Facebook Page for a B2B company.

1)  You must post compelling content that your audience (people who like the Page) will engage with. Facebook  only shows popular content in the newsfeed.

2)  The second thing to know is that you need to include calls to action, both on the Page and on any tabs to either get traffic on your company website or get them to take immediate action.

Of course, the list of ‘how to’ is endless and depends on the goals, the industry and the business itself.  It is much more difficult to see the results of social media efforts for B2B over B2C but the statistics support the benefits of implementing these methods.

A Really good resource for B2B Facebook page is Social Media B2B.  I have included a partial list of actions from their post:

Getting Likes for your Page

1. Ask your staff, customers, vendors, and partners — who already know you and like you — to “Like” your Facebook page first. (source)

What to Post or Facebook Content

2. Share lots of photos, and ask your fans to share photos. Facebook’s Photos remain the most viral feature of its platform. (source)

3. Write for the newsfeed, not for your wall. (source)

4. Don’t worry about writing too little. (source)

5. Be strategic and pay attention to signal vs. noise. (source)

6. Write posts that encourage sharing across the network. (source)

7. Boost your comments by asking questions, but stay away from simple Yes/No answers. (source)

8. Mix it up a little between videos, photos, questions and information (source)

9. Use the 80-20 rule to determine how much other people’s content to post versus your own. (source)

10. Use @ tagging strategically. (source)

Analyze and Optimize Content

24. Use Edgerank to find your best & worst days. (source)

25. Monitor which posts attract the most Likes and comments (eyeball), and use Insights – Facebook’s own analytics tool – for data. (source)

26. Track the Performance of Your Posts. (source)

Monetization or Calls to Action

27. Treat your Facebook “Like” button or link to your Facebook Page like any call to action – make it easy to spot. (source)

28. Encourage others to share your calls to action, so they show up in their newsfeed. (source)