Stories for Quiet Time as read by Dalai-Nana

It is said that everyone has a talent and I suppose this is true but so far the only talent, I can say with certainty that I have, is the ability to put others to sleep by simply reading and talking.  See if this works for your little ones.



The Farmer in the Dell


A Simple story for young children to hear over and over again.  High ho the Derry O the Farmer in the dell


Rapunzel and the Missing Hare




Everyone has heard the story of Rapunzel and her beautiful golden hair. But have you ever heard of Rapunzel and the missing hare? This is the story. Keep in mind that it is a simple story and very little, it anything about it is true.

The Walrus and the Carpenter

This is a strange story by Lewis Carroll but then, all his stories are strange.  It has a nice rhyme and rhythm and small children might not notice that the cute little oysters become dinner.


Walrus and Carpenter Book


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