Television Screens to Small Mobile Screens, Apps will be the new Generation’s TVs!

Television Screens to Small Mobile Screens, Apps will be the new Generation’s TVs!

Thanks to technology, innovation and creative minds behind these tangible achievements, we are in the era where internet connection, computers, tablets, and smartphones become an arguable necessity in life. Just think about the things you can do with the help of the internet! You can do work at home; you can download and play games, go to the bank from the comfort of your recliner, and even meet your soul mate. Or you can simply watch your favorite television shows and movies from just about anywhere – on the beach, on the mountain or even in your favorite coffee shop.

As a Baby Boomer, I have experienced first-hand the transition of black and white televisions to colored ones. I’ve also seen the development of big, bulky television boxes to flat screens, LCDs and now with the LEDs. It’s funny how time moves so fast.  I just took a quick trip down to memory lane reminiscing about my favorite show in black and white! I’ve also experienced the advancement and growth of technologies such as cell phones, computers, and many more.

With the high demand for speed and instant everything, we are experiencing considerable innovation.  Some changes come in the form of high-speed connections and outstanding technological gadgets to provide information as fast as the ray of light. Supporting these connections are tiny devices and small screens that people can carry around in the back pocket. With the help of apps, we can now communicate through social media and even stream our favorite TV shows right on our mobile phones. Here’s a video from Vimeo that explains how our mobile phones can substitute for television.


Apps are the Future of TV from NCTA on Vimeo.


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