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The ABC Song

The ABC Song

My, How Things Change and What Children Learn

On my first day of school and first grade I thought I was hot stuff as my grandmother had taught me at home vs sending me to kindergarten because as she told me, I was too smart for that!  Of course, school has a way of putting one in their place and I was quickly reminded of mine!

We were asked who knew the alphabet song.  When everyone else raised their hand, I went along because, of course, it was the first performance test.  My grandmother had taught me all the letters, I was reading all the “Dick and Jane” books for first and second grade but I had never heard of the alphabet song.  It became quickly evident to my teacher, Mrs Ferrier, and I was called out and humiliated in front of everyone.  David Broughton and I had to stand with our noses   on the blackboard (in little circles she drew for each of us) and our backs to the class for what seemed like an eternity!  How embarrassing!  Even to this day over 50 years later I can feel the blood rushing up the back of my neck as I blushed.  (But I did make a friend in David, who was a talker from the beginning of time,  and I remember his birthday for some odd reason.)

This little girl is 30 months old – she knows the ABC song, she can identify all her letters, she can sight read many words and she is pretty proud of herself too!

Michael, Michael The Doughnut Maker

Michael, Michael The Doughnut Maker

One of my favorite times of the year is Thanksgiving because it’s all about warmth, food, family and of course, giving thanks.  Every year my grandchildren’s school holds an open house and puts on a great program just for grandparents.  It is called Grandparent’s Chocolate…which probably came from someone identifying their two best things in the world.

The children prepare skits, songs, poems and pictures to entertain us and then we get to visit their classroom to see what they are learning and where they sit and meet their teachers.   It is great to get to share that with them and helps us become more involved in their lives.  We also get our photo with each one of the kids (we have 4 at this school so we have a lot of photos).

In the third grade the children show us their Flat Katie and tell us about her great adventures at the Cubs game, Seattle trip and going to the American girl store.

In first grade the children get to draw a picture of what they will be when they grow up.  There are firemen and policemen, there are Doctors and Nurses, there are astronauts and even Supermen but I think Michael has the best idea ever  –

When Michael grows up, he wants to be a doughnut maker.  Because he says it makes it more likely that he can have doughnuts for breakfast which is, after all, the real reason one grows up anyway.  And doughnuts were easier to draw than rocket ships 🙂

Flat Grandchildren

Flat Grandchildren
Cover of "Flat Stanley (picture book edit...

Cover of Flat Stanley (picture book edition)

The first time I heard about “Flat Stanley” or “Flat People” it was my granddaughter Katie and her “Flat Katie” look alike.  Katie had been at home and at school working and studying but “Flat Katie” had gone via the US Post Office all the way to Chicago, where she got to go to a Chicago Cubs game and took a trip to the American Girl store.  Then she actually got to fly to Portland, Oregon where she visited the zoo, climbed a mountain and met her new baby cousin.  Jealous ‘much?

Seems the kids lie on a roll of paper and a friend outlines them, then the “flat person” is personalized by the 3 D kid.    Then, the flat person gets to have experiences that the 3 D kid can only dream up.  The great thing about Flat experiences is that they can always be as wonderful as you imagine them to be.

“Flat Nana” would like to take “Flat Katie” to Paris and Tuscany.  I would like to see the great wall of China and share the temples of Japan with her.  And alas, this is perhaps the only way I will be able to experience the world with her.