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Does Your Facebook Profile Embarrass your Grandchild?

Does Your Facebook Profile Embarrass your Grandchild?

Do you have a Facebook page?  Well, of course you do!  Does your grandchild?  Are you allowed to be friends with them?  First they have to be over 13 to have an account on Facebook officially, then it would be nice if your grandchild wants to be friends but if not, don’t push it – remember, in their eyes we are still more like parents and Facebook is for friends.

But if you do have a grandchild that you are friends with, or to make sure that when you ask they are willing to accept your request, you should do these things:

1)  Make sure your profile is up to date with a good timeline cover and profile picture

2)  Make sure you are not posting embarrassing pictures of yourself or your grandchildren

3)  Make sure your comments and posts are something you would not mind your grandchild seeing – this is a turn about on the old make sure your
Embarrassed Teen
post would make your mother proud

4)  Make sure you are not too mushy – remember, their friends can see this and anything you say can be held against them – or restrict your posts to certain privacy settings

5)  Do share inspirational or instructional posts

6)  Do like or share current events that may be of interest to your grandchild

7)  Do find humor and joy in every day and share it!

Embrace new technology. Instead of seeing new gadgets and technologies as a burden refusing to learn how to send a text message, or post on facebook, or twitter, run toward it and learn more about why people love it. Take a class at the local Apple store or ask your grandchildren to teach you about how to maximize your smartphone usage.

Holiday Bargains Galore!

Holiday Bargains Galore!

Smiling pigtail to pigtail!

What a bargain grandchildren are! I give them my loose change, and they give me a million dollars’ worth of pleasure. ~Gene

I feel like this every time I am fortunate enough to spend time with my grandchildren.  The joy they spread is immeasurable and yet they are totally unaware.  Maybe that is why it is called pure joy!

Hope you had a fabulous time over the holidays with your families.  I did and will post more as we enter the crazy holiday period!

Happy Thanksgiving

What does a 9 year old know about Profit Margins?

What does a 9 year old know about Profit Margins?

We had our four grandchildren for the weekend and were going out for dinner.  Naturally, my teenage granddaughter and I wanted to go to a restaurant for hamburgers, the boys wanted pizza and the 6 year old wanted dessert.  My husband, ever practical, convinced us all to go to the food court at  Costco but to make it fun, we called it “Chez Costco” the grandest restaurant in town.

We got a  huge 18″ pizza for $9.95some hot dogs and other things so that dinner for 6 was less than $30. My grandson was chowing down and having a grand ole time when suddenly he chimes in and declares “Costco must be the lowest margin business out there “.  “What”, I ask, “do you mean by margin?” Where upon he proceeds to tell me about margin being the difference in what something costs and how much you sell it for and that the pizza food cost was probably $9.25 and the soft drinks were probably only a 5% margin etc.  He actually calculated the cost and margin of every item we purchased and determined how much they made on us for the evening.  He was probably spot on.  I have never known him to be off by much.

We had a good time, saved a little money and when I am ready to open a new business, I know who I want to be by my side….