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How to handle a child that has been a victim of a bully

How to handle a child that has been a victim of a bully

How to handle a child that has been a victim of a bullyAs a grandparent, I worry about my grandchildren who will soon enter into middle school. Articles and news reports rampant school bullying not only in the United States but also in other countries. It has become global and every parent or guardian should do something about it.

Based on my observations on the reports and documentaries, some kids may have traumatic experiences that may have a negative effect during their adolescence or even adulthood. Unfortunately, amidst the social issues present in day-to-day school interaction, there are many bullying cases that are left unreported which can cause low self-esteem and depression in a child. Read the rest of this entry

Going Gray Gracefully?

Going Gray Gracefully?

DixieThe Bravery of going gray!

Are you Going Gray gracefully or going gray kicking and screaming all the way.  Aging is difficult enough without the additional burden of going gray!  I look around and see some people wear it well while others of us simply get mousy and old.

My very good friend went gray early and dyed her hair for years.  Finally, one day she decided – enough is enough and went totally gray.  Her hair is gorgeous, her face is softened, her beauty is enhanced.  I only hope to be that lucky.

The New York Times profiled a group of women who organized a mini-demonstration that featured a “band of silver-haired marchers” who descended upon Times Square to bring in the noise, bring in the funk — hair color-style. Awesomely named the Silver Sisters Strut, co-organizer and model/blogger/brand Cindy Joseph said “[w]e are the women that we wished we would have had in our lives, if they weren’t busy getting their hair dyed.”

Aging is often hidden and marginalized in our society, and it’s thrilling to see women embracing a hair color and style that some consider undesirable because of its implications about age and sexuality.

All that being true, I still don’t know what I’ll do when I start to go gray. Am I a wimp because I’m not sure I’ll have the confidence to rock the sleek silver hair?


photo by: Faith R

Happy Grandparents Day – Call me Maybe

Happy Grandparents Day – Call me Maybe

Its a oft forgotten holiday but clearly the grandparents of the world make a huge difference for the lives of grandchildren.  If you are a grandparent, have a grandparent or wanna be a grandparent, watch this fun video and share with someone you love!

Thanks AARPfor putting this together.   CALL YOUR GRANDPARENTS!

And lest we forget, we are just the grandparents, regardless of how entitled we feel.

This is Crazy but Call me Baby

Does Your Facebook Profile Embarrass your Grandchild?

Does Your Facebook Profile Embarrass your Grandchild?

Do you have a Facebook page?  Well, of course you do!  Does your grandchild?  Are you allowed to be friends with them?  First they have to be over 13 to have an account on Facebook officially, then it would be nice if your grandchild wants to be friends but if not, don’t push it – remember, in their eyes we are still more like parents and Facebook is for friends.

But if you do have a grandchild that you are friends with, or to make sure that when you ask they are willing to accept your request, you should do these things:

1)  Make sure your profile is up to date with a good timeline cover and profile picture

2)  Make sure you are not posting embarrassing pictures of yourself or your grandchildren

3)  Make sure your comments and posts are something you would not mind your grandchild seeing – this is a turn about on the old make sure your
Embarrassed Teen
post would make your mother proud

4)  Make sure you are not too mushy – remember, their friends can see this and anything you say can be held against them – or restrict your posts to certain privacy settings

5)  Do share inspirational or instructional posts

6)  Do like or share current events that may be of interest to your grandchild

7)  Do find humor and joy in every day and share it!

Embrace new technology. Instead of seeing new gadgets and technologies as a burden refusing to learn how to send a text message, or post on facebook, or twitter, run toward it and learn more about why people love it. Take a class at the local Apple store or ask your grandchildren to teach you about how to maximize your smartphone usage.

Granddad's Make Memories Too

Granddad's Make Memories Too

Sticks and Stones and Puppy Dog Tails

Recently I posted about memories made with grandchildren that focused pretty much on ‘grandmotherly’ memories – sugar and spice and everything nice like china, journals, chrystal and such.  But granddads make some of the most impactful memories and pass along treasures that last for generations.

My granddad had a woodworking shop and turned some wonderful bowls for each of us that I think all four still treasure.    My dad made me a beautiful doll bed that was passed to my daughters and then to my granddaughters.  My husband’s grandfather made treasure chest for each of his grandchildren which has held treasures for well over 50 years.


But maybe it is the collections that make the most impact.  Whether you collect rocks, stamps, coins, baseball cards, or other hobbies these collections can be a wonderful point of memory making with grandchildren and a great item to pass on.