Parental Control Requires Discipline

Parental Control Requires Discipline

parental-controlKids these days are too frequently uncontrollable it appears. They seem to know what they want and do whatever it takes to get it. At their young age, they like to pick the clothes they want to wear, what cartoons and TV shows to watch, and what kind of foods they eat. Bottom line, the parents and guardians somehow lose their position of dominance over their children. The result? The children of the future end up overweight, impulsive, and disrespectful not only to themselves but to people surrounding them.

It’s alarming to parents, especially for the young ones to discipline  their children. But an article I’ve recently read on Macleans says that it’s okay for parents to discipline their children  if they want their child to grow up with respect for themselves, their parents, relatives, community and even to nature.

Different parents and different children have diverse styles with different styles of upbringing. But first things first, discipline, as well as values, starts at home. Parents should be hands on in nurturing their children. Discipline can simply be implemented starting at the dining table where food is being served.

There’s no right or wrong parenting as long as the intentions are good. Whether you are practicing oligarchy or are known as authoritarians at home, as long as you guide your children in the right path, you’re a good parent even though you’re may be misjudged by other parents. As I’ve said earlier, our personal upbringing has a huge influence on how to handle our children. Happy parenting!

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