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Granddad's Make Memories Too

Granddad's Make Memories Too

Sticks and Stones and Puppy Dog Tails

Recently I posted about memories made with grandchildren that focused pretty much on ‘grandmotherly’ memories – sugar and spice and everything nice like china, journals, chrystal and such.  But granddads make some of the most impactful memories and pass along treasures that last for generations.

My granddad had a woodworking shop and turned some wonderful bowls for each of us that I think all four still treasure.    My dad made me a beautiful doll bed that was passed to my daughters and then to my granddaughters.  My husband’s grandfather made treasure chest for each of his grandchildren which has held treasures for well over 50 years.


But maybe it is the collections that make the most impact.  Whether you collect rocks, stamps, coins, baseball cards, or other hobbies these collections can be a wonderful point of memory making with grandchildren and a great item to pass on.