Books, Gifts and Gadgets for Kids from Grandparents

Grandparents are known forever by the gifts they give- big gifts like college tuition, a car, a trip or small gifts like a flashlight, a time together, a meaningful memory and of course, the gift of unconditional love.  That is why its so hard to choose gifts.

Buying Gifts for Grandkids

Buying things for grandkids is both a joy and a challenge.  What do they want / need?  What do I want them to have?  What can I afford?  Do they already have it? Personally, I like to give gifts that are memorable as well as relevant but I never seem to know what that would be or I buy things that are not age appropriate.

Books Bring Meaning to Relationships

Reading to grandhildren has always been a joy.  The closeness, the sharing of thoughts and visions, the ability to pass on important ideas.

Children’s Book Week Resources for Parents, Teachers & Librarians 


Children’s Book Week Resources for Parents, Teachers & Librarians.  website, or in the school paper. Show and Read: Ask students to select an illustrated book from the library to read in class during Children’s Book Week.

Curl up With Classic Children’s Books – Entertainment – in Redondo 


From Charlotte’s Web to Where the Wild Things Are, share these classic books with your children and encourage their love for reading.  What makes a children’s book a classic? On the surface, a very simple answer: any book that has moved on to the next generation 16 to 20 years from its  The site provides an easy way for people to gain information about the best books to share with children, a day at a time. Now a paperback edition of The Children’s Book-a-Day 

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