Tips for Making Sandwiches for Children of All Ages

Tips for Making Sandwiches for Children of All Ages

sandwich-making-for-kidsA sandwich is one of the easiest, most convenient meals to make. Not to mention, it tastes great and ends hunger. Sandwiches can range from a high calorie, high sugar item to a healthy, hearty meal depending on how it is prepared. Because we want the best for our little ones and keep them away from junk foods, below are some tips on how to make a healthy sandwich that kids enjoy. 

Go for fibre-enriched bread.

Go for breads that are fiber-enriched and are loaded with nutrients. You have the option to go for multi grain, wheat or rye bread. These type of bread contains nutrients and vitamins such as manganese, vitamin E, folic acid, zinc, calcium and many more.  Or you can try pita bread  or a tortilla

Go light on spreads.

Sandwich spreads, mayonnaise, Nutella, peanut butter are high in calories and fat. If kids can’t resist their favorite spread, make sure to limit and go light on it. Or you may choose to use margarine, mustard and salad dressing as an alternative.

Add protien.

What makes every sandwich a satisfying meal boils down in its filling. It can be filled with chicken, pork, tuna, turkey or beef. You have the option of cooking this meat any way your kids preferred: grilled, steamed or maybe fried. Or maybe your child prefers eggs, cheese or tofu.  Some kids only enjoy spreads like peanut butter.  Just be sure your filling has sufficient protein value.

Add greens.

To cap off a healthy sandwich, add some lettuce, cucumber, onions, mushroom or tomatoes. As these veggies are filled with essential nutrients and minerals every child needs.  Some of my favorite sandwiches as a kid included fruit.  Remember peanut butter and banana?

Teaching the kids how to eat healthy is good prevention from future diseases. It helps build their immune system while reaching their daily vitamin and mineral requirement. All you have to do is to mix and match different toppings and fillings for a more enjoyable meal.

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