Battery Doctor – One of the Best Battery Management App

Battery Doctor – One of the Best Battery Management App

battery doctor app reviewHave you experienced  your phone suddenly dying or consuming 10% of its battery after a quick two-minute chat with your friend? Don’t you just hate it when your smartphone can’t last for at least 12 hours?

If you’re a heavy user of your smartphone, you’ll never leave the house without it fully charged or at least have a power bank readily accessible. However if you forget to charge and you’re stuck with nothing, Battery Doctor is a useful app to help you manage your battery and optimize your phone to the fullest.

Learn about Battery Doctor features and find out why many people like myself recommend this app to all smartphone users. 

Battery Doctor Features:

  • Provides detailed report about your battery usage.
  • Provides you an estimated time your battery should cover based on how you use your apps and phone.
  • Gives you insight on how much power you’re spending while streaming or playing a game. Also, this incredible app also shows an estimated time you have left before your battery dies while watching videos and playing.
  • Gives you comprehensive reports of your charging history – from partial, full cycle and overcharging.

More than battery management and battery saving tips, Battery Doctor also provides you details about your phone’s specs, memory usage, junk files that can deleted and much more. Make the most out of this app by taking care of your phone while prolonging your battery’s shelf life.

Simply download the app on Apple Store or in the Android Market for FREE. Run a quick scan and follow their recommendations. You can also set a notification and reminders using their in-app features.  You will be glad you did!

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