Top Three Ways to Make Yourself a Happier Person

Top Three Ways to Make Yourself a Happier Person

jumping-444612_640Use Positive Words

One of the simplest things you can do when learning how to stay positive is to only use positive words. All too often people tell themselves, or even their friends, that they can’t do something. Do the words “I can’t” and “I’m afraid” ring a bell to you? People often have tons of excuses as to why they can’t do something. Replace any kind of negative words you might use with yourself with positive words. Rather than saying something can’t be done, tell yourself that “I can” and do your best to get it done.

Attract Positive Feelings

In addition to positive words, you can also make a difference by how you view yourself. Most people admit that they don’t feel good about themselves. They tend to compare themselves with their perception of others, hence the insecurities. What you need to learn how to do is push away those negative thoughts about yourself. If you are not satisfied with your appearance, or how something turned out, what you need to do is focus on the positive things that happened. Focusing on positive thoughts, even if the outcome was negative is a great way to start viewing things better.

Positive Affirmation

This is probably the most popular positive thinking method that people use. Many of them use it without even realizing it. How this method works is you constantly repeat a phrase to yourself. For example, “I deserve to be happy.” By continuously repeating these positive affirmations to yourself, you will come to believe that they are true. In addition, once you start believing these things are true it will be much easier to maintain a positive outlook on life because you will be full of positive energy.

I hope these tricks will make you feel comfort and bring happiness to your life. Remember that life is short to focus on things negative. Stay happy and positive!

In the meantime, watch one of my all time favorite affirmation videos:

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