Apps to Make You Keep up with Your New Year’s Resolutions

Apps to Make You Keep up with Your New Year’s Resolutions

mobile appsA few days have already past. Some of you might be living your promises and pursuing the goals you’ve set for 2015. While some of you might have taken a left turn or paused for quick pitstop. Don’t let laziness, stress and other factors hinder your goals. I’ve gathered a compilation of smartphone apps you can use to remind yourself to reach your goals when this year ends. 

Health and Wellness:

One of the top resolutions almost everybody had on their list is to lose weight. Well, who wouldn’t write it down after attending several dinners, gatherings and occasions during the holidays? I am sure that almost everyone gained at least a pound or two.

What makes losing weight so difficult to accomplish is that the outcome can be measured long-term. Because it is an ongoing and long process, you need to remind yourself everyday to keep track of your diet, count your calories and stay active. I recommend using MyFitnessPal app to keep you motivated and track your milestones. My husband  and I have tried it and I believe you’re going to like it too!


We constantly say we’re busy but actually, we are not. We’re just bombarded with a lot of distractions both at home and at work. To help ourselves make the most of our time, and make time for ourselves and for our family, creating and following a schedule is a must have.

It’s time to make our smartphones be of great use by installing some of these apps that can help boost productivity and push out reminders to help us keep track of our schedules. The OmniFocus app allows user to keep track of tasks by project, place, person or date. It’s a very nifty and handy tool but only works for Apple users.

Stay Happy and Inspired:

A new year comes new beginnings. We want to start our year filled with positivity and also want to end it on a happy note. We should always start our day right with a smile and a happy heart. Here’s a list of great apps that I would suggest to keep you inspired and smiling whenever overwhelm, fear and negativity looms around:

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