Discover Great Music with Pandora Radio

Discover Great Music with Pandora Radio

Discover Great Music with Pandora RadioI’ve found a fun way to discover new and old music through Pandora Radio. Since the app is free, I took advantage of the opportunity and have it installed on my phone. I currently live in Nashville where highly-acclaimed musicians and singers are born or rise to stardom. So music is a very important part of our city’s culture. I am thrilled that Pandora Radio lets me listen to music for free, as long as I have internet or a good Wi-fi connection.

On my first use, Pandora asked me to key in an artist/band name or a song I’d like to listen to. I typed the first song that came to my mind and enjoyed listening to it. I was caught off guard when another songstarted to play – it was new to me but was a similar genre to the song I asked for, country! 

I only like country some of the time and then I like to switch over to good ole rock and roll or maybe a little jazz. Pandora Radio’s range of music is massive! You can choose from jazz, dance, alternative music and so much more. However, there’s always a downside in every app. Since it comes for free, you have to brace yourselves for a limited streaming time and tons of annoying advertisements. Here’s a brief pros and cons about this music app.


  • Free
  • A fun and exciting way to discover new music suited to your taste, style and interests with their recommendations (their program algorithm works like magic!)
  • Wide array of music genre
  • Great sound quality


  • The Pandora Radio free-version is ad supported
  • For free accounts, streaming time is only limited up to 40 hours of music per month
  • If you plan to skip a song, you have 12 skips within the day, 6 times within an hour

Overall, the music experience is still enjoyable, even in its free version. If you want to sign up for their premium account, you may do so with a fee of $0.99/month or a yearly subscription for $36. To enjoy uninterrupted music, make sure to connect your device with a secure Wi-fi connection. Visit their website at

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