Foods You Should Eat and Avoid to Control Cholesterol

Foods You Should Eat and Avoid to Control Cholesterol

cholesterol-heartModifying your diet can play a big role in lowering your cholesterol numbers especially when you’re aging. It’s important to know what type of foods you need to avoid and what kind of foods you need to ingest to help you maintain a good balance of your total cholesterol. To make it even more complicated, there are disputing opinions on what is good for you.  For example, we have been taught not to use coconut oil but now it is considered to be beneficial for some.  

Below is a quick guide for all foodies out there who want to follow a ‘heart healthy’ diet to keep their cholesterol ln a normal level.  In another post we will cite some evidence that American Heart Association may not like.

Worst Foods for Cholesterol that are Tempting but You Should Avoid…

  • Cholesterol is stereotyped as oil for many people. But not all kinds of oil are bad for the heart. If you’re planning to create a dish that needs oil, try to avoid using palm and coconut based oils as they have high amount of the bad fat. Instead, feast and indulge your dish with generous amount of olive oil.
  • Steaks with fatty cuts of beef, lamb and pork are not going to do you any good. When ordering a steak dish in a restaurant, opt for lean cut meat or substitute it with white meat or fish.
  • Craving a snack? Avoid potato chips and candy bars for they contain a massive amount of trans fat. Instead, you may want to munch on fresh leafy salads or fruits.
  • Processed foods are convenient and delicious but the excessive amount of hydrogenated oil and sodium present in these foods is not beneficial for your heart. Make the time and effort to create your own food which you can guarantee to be safe and healthy.
  • Butter is made from animal fat, thus, it contains high amounts of saturated fat and the bad cholesterol. You can substitute butter with margarine. Margarine is made from vegetable oil, some of them are fortified with plant sterols and contains zero or lesser cholesterol contents. When buying margarines, always check the labels and go for the lowest numbers of the saturated and trans fat.

Best Foods for Cholesterol You Should Consider Eating…

  • Green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits are high in fiber and generously help you meet your daily recommended dietary nutrients, minerals and vitamins for optimum health. It’s best to take in at least 3 servings of any fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.
  • Fish which is known to possess high amounts of the omega-3 fatty acids can help in reducing LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol in the blood. Health care practitioners and dietitians suggest that if you happen to have high levels of cholesterol, you may need to add fish to your weekly meal plan to help you control your cholesterol. Fish that are high in omega-3 are sardines, tuna, salmon, and mackerel.
  • As surprising as it sounds, eating dark chocolates isn’t that bad when eaten in complete moderation – a bar or two can suffice. Dark chocolates are believed to possess anti-oxidants that help in diminishing free radicals inside our body. Other health benefits of eating chocolate is that helps protect the heart, lowers blood pressure and also lowers the bad cholesterol.
  • Nuts specifically Macadamia, walnuts and almonds have tons of vitamins, minerals, proteins, monounsaturated fat and antioxidants. Contrary to the popular belief that nuts possess high sodium content and are high in calorie, going nuts over nuts is a heart healthy choice! But then again, too much of everything is bad to eat in large quantities .
  • Eating foods that are high in fibre such as oats, bran, breads, cereals and certain carbohydrates that are high in dietary fiber can help lower the bad cholesterol. Researches support the fact that eating soluble fiber is more effective at lowering LDL cholesterol.

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