Do’s and Don’t of Grandmother-Granddaughter Bonding

Do’s and Don’t of Grandmother-Granddaughter Bonding

Because we just love hanging out with our girls, here are some tips on how to make bonding with your daughter or granddaughter extra special!


downloadGet to know her interests. Ask little and listen more. Getting to know your granddaughter’s likes and dislikes will help to make your conversation more  fun and engaging. Plus, you’ll be surprised when both of you share the same interest and hobbies – another excuse to bond with your dear one!

Get interactive. Have a granddaughter who is in her pre-teen or teen years? A best way to bond and actually get to know her likes and dislikes is to plan a fun getaway for just the two of you. Make schedules on a trip to a spa or parlor – foot spa is a great way to pamper yourselves and you’re most likely chat about “girly” stuff. Have lunch and also, choose an activity that allows you  to interact. She’ll likely open up to you more when there’s no one else is around.

Always offer a lending hand. – Whether its a science project, a homework, hairstyles or anything, when she has no one else’s to go to, she’ll eventually take you up on it.


Don’t act/try to be her best friend. Just because you are getting along fine and are bonding with each other on a daily, weekly or monthly basis doesn’t mean she thinks of you as her best friend. There are just things that are more comfortably said and shared to her friends than that of her mother, sister or grandparents.

Don’t lose hope. When your grandma-granddaughter bonding doesn’t go as well as planned, and you feel you’ve been shut out, don’t ever give up. There will come a time when she’s more open and ready to hear your advice.

Don’t dress like a child or a teenager yourself. Well, it’s embarrassing for them if they are with their mom, aunts or grandmother who is dressed just like a 16-year-old. Wear decent and stylish clothes that are age appropriate and they’ll get inspired and be proud of your fashion taste!

My Recent Experience:

I recently had an experience with my granddaughter that I hope will turn into a bonding thing but it certainly did not feel that way.  She is a teenager and has a car.  Her behavior in a particular situation was inappropriate and selfish.  Normally I just ignore it, but this time it really hit a nerve and I could not let her behave in that manner without telling her my feelings.  After getting her parents approval, I marched over to her house, stormed into her room and read her the riot act.  Of course, I did it because I want her to learn more emotional intelligence and to not be so selfish.  But I am sure it felt like I was just attacking her. There is almost nothing I would not do for that little girl and that includes risking my relationship if she needs to learn something. I hope she knows that sometimes love hurts.


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