Uber – The ‘Controversial’ Car Service App for Everyone

Uber – The ‘Controversial’ Car Service App for Everyone

uber-logoGoing somewhere? You can easily hail a car service with just a click of a button. Uber makes your commute a whole lot easier and more convenient, even during rush hours! This car service app works by connecting registered Uber drivers to passengers. Using the user’s phone GPS, the app sends information to the closest driver for pick up.

More about the Uber App

The rider requests a ride and instead of the usual yellow taxi, they will be riding in a private car – a sedan or a SUV depending on the type of service your prefer. You can select from Uber X, Uber Taxi, Uber Black, Uber Lux or Uber SUV.  Unlike taxi services, Uber drivers use their own personal vehicles, are independent contractors and work only when they choose to.  The service is cashless as it is all paid through debit or credit card within the app so no money changes hands during the ride.

What about safety when using Uber? Nairi Hourdajian, Uber’s spokeswoman tells us that “There’s no insurance gap at all on any trip on the Uber system”. Which means the company’s $1 million policy provides sufficient coverage in case a driver’s personal insurance fails to cover an accident.

However, there are other safety concerns that can make a passenger hesitant to hail an Uber ride.  The possibility of holdups and kidnapping as examples.  But I cannot see how that can be any more of an issue than with a taxi company.  After all, the car is digitally tracked and monitored by Uber all the time.

The relentless controversy about this San Francisco-based startup doesn’t seem to stop. Uber operates more or less in 120 cities across 37 countries.  Yet in some areas, taxi firms question Uber’s licensing regulations and even the protection of the passengers. Some countries in Europe also banned the app to operate in its major cities as the app allows non-approved drivers use an unlicensed public/private vehicles.

Uber claims the taxi industry is simply responding to a disruptive technology that has changed the way business is done.

My insight about the Uber App

I have not had the opportunity to use Uber but I’ve read several positive reviews from this app.  I see both an advantage and disadvantage using the Uber ride. Let’s start with the advantages, if you’re going to place where parking fees are high or parking is scarce, a private vehicle dropping you off would be a huge advantage! Moreover, it’s like a carpool – shared seats with other people that may go to the same direction, neighborhood or commercial area as your. You can win friends and save fuel. The one disadvantage that I see using Uber is the safety. But just like as riding a taxi, we need to trust whose hands are on the wheels.

Have you had a good or bad experience using Uber? If you have, feel free to share your story about this app on the comments section below!

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