My Very Own Experience of the Waze App

My Very Own Experience of the Waze App

wazejpgThe nature of my work and business involves a lot of telecommuting – client meetings, business proposals, presentations and being a mom and nana somewhere in between. One of my day-to-day travel buddy is the Waze App.

What is Waze?

Waze is a social GPS app that gives out timely and informative information on traffic. Whether you’re heading to place you’ve never been to or you’re running late for an important meeting, this app can give you an insight on how the traffic looks like and suggest alternative routes to take. 

Since it’s collected crowdsource information from real people, you can instantly get live updates from people who are currently on the road. It’s a very worthwhile app if you’re looking for a reliable traffic data. Try it out and get it here.

What about its user experience?

Frankly, the interface itself looks scrambled at first. Everybody who has experienced something for the first time may have a hard time appreciating this app. The reporting buttons are tiny but once you have used this a couple of times, you’ll get a hand of the rich database and live updates this app has to offer. Navigation so far is superb, hands down!

Some pitfalls and downsides..

If you’re all alone in your car, chances are, you are not one hundred percent focused on your driving. And you might find it frustrating to tap away a few clicks in order to find multiple destinations. Although you can activate the voice command with a single tap of the mic button next to the search box field. Interestingly, the voice command can also be prompted with a wave of hand.

Yes, this app is helpful and full of surprises. It’s worth the download to try especially if you’re driving from point A to point B almost everyday. Get in touch with many other users and share what you see on the road, whether there is road work blocking or vehicular accidents, you can help others by sharing live updates.

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