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Making Food from Scratch

Making Food from Scratch

Great Questions from Little Minds

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch,” Carl Sagan famously observed in Cosmos“you must first invent the universe.” The questions children ask are often so simple, so basic, that they turn unwittingly yet profoundly philosophical so as to require “apple-pie-from-scratch” type of answers.

Making food from Scratch

RTW age 2.5

My daughter, aged 2.5 posed one such question to me.  How do you make Grape Juice?  Though it may sound innocent enough, my attempt to satisfy her with Concentrated juice resulted in a fit for the ages.  She was on the floor, screaming with uncontrollable outrage as only a 2 year old can.  So we went to the store to buy grapes to make grape juice.  When I chose the green grapes (seedless of course) she again went into an outrage.  However, since we were in a public place, I quickly redirected her attention and put the fear of spoiling her behind me.  “POORPOOL GRAPES”  she said over and over and was ecstatically gleeful when we found big juicy purple grapes.  In fact, the entire grocery store was aware of our find and just how wonderful these PoorPul Grapes were.

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