Pocket Pharmacist App Review

Pocket Pharmacist App Review

pocket-pharmacist-app-reviewPocket pharmacist app is used for medication management.  Medications increase with age and aging is inevitable. I only take 1 medication on a regular basis so I do not really use this for myself.  I am however, the person who keeps up with my parent’s medications and this little app is really handy for that. To look up any conflicts of medications, I use the Pocket Pharmacist App to check any contradictions of meds and make sure it’s okay to have a drink or eat some things without adverse effect. 

Because we’re not all doctors and nurses and know little about medications and especially their interactions with other meds, this app is very useful. Using it, you’ll learn what medicines are for, how the drug will interact once it enters into your bloodstream. It will also showcase the possible side effects – good and bad that the drug might cause. It’s a handy app and it’s interface is easily navigated. 

Instead of searching for the generic name of the medication in your drug book, you can simply enter the name through its search feature. This will give you an instant overview with just a few taps away!


One of the few cons that one may encounter using this app is its limited drug guide information. Not all medications and over-the-counter medicines are included in the app. If this happens, I suggest you look into the medication’s insert (a piece of paper usually found inside the box) and read its details. The ‘insert’ and the Pocket Pharmacist app serve as a source of information about the drug.

A major missing component of this app is that it does not have a medication reminder.  If it only had a reminder or notification that pops up everytime you need to take your medication, anyone who used the app wouldn’t miss a single dose!

Overall, it’s still a useful app that I highly recommend. Not only for your own safety but for your entire family as well!

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