Home Elevator Lifts – Are Residential Elevators a Must Have?

Home Elevator Lifts – Are Residential Elevators a Must Have?

Okay, I am not quite ready to call myself “Elderly” and neither are you but I am thinking about how it will be best to change my lifestyle in preparation for getting older. I recently had two knees replaced and so now I am able to go up and down steps with little to no pain but prior to the knee surgery, climbing the two flights of steps into my home was exhausting and painful.

One of the items we considered was adding an elevator to our home. The Baby Boomers generation’s increasing desire to age in place is driving the concept installation of elevators or lifts in homes. Because of our generation’s contributions to science accompanied by technology’s rampant innovation, these residential lifts are becoming a desirable home amenity for us Boomers.

Just the thought of having elevators installed at our very own house sounded cool especially if I could program my own elevator music. But unfortunately, to have one installed at my home would definitely cost us a fortune. However, because of technological advancement we experience year after year, these machines are now quite a bit more affordable than two to three decades ago. 

Many believe that having a lift at home is a top option for them to comfortably stay and age at home. From my personal point of view, I believe that having lifts can be beneficial for several reasons. Here’s why:

  • It’s a no brainer that many people would like to stay and age in the comfort of their homes rather than opting to stay a local elderly homes.
  • Accidents happen when you are least ready to deal with them so being prepared makes sense.
  • An elevator would make your home accessible to other people who may not be able to climb steps.
  • When a lift is needed, it allows the aging population to freely go from the kitchen to their bedroom with the help of a lift and improves their sense of well-being.
  • Convenience in many other ways is possible. Having elevators can conveniently lift your groceries, heavy laundry or even new furniture from the ground floor to the next floor.

Home elevator lifts can really bring convenience to people especially for the growing elderly population. Not only does it enhances a person’s quality of life, having them installed at your homes can be a really good investment.

Below are some gorgeous home elevator lifts ideas and designs:

residential home lifts


home elevator lifts


home elevator

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