Fun and Interactive Smart Apps that Kids Will Surely Love!

Fun and Interactive Smart Apps that Kids Will Surely Love!

Fun and Interactive Apps for KidsYou might have heard your kids or grandchildren beg for a smart tablet of their own. Some parents and grandparents alike are hesitant to allow kids to have them. They wonder if tablets or iPads are going to be good investment in a child’s growth and development. It can turn out to be a huge distraction in a child’s study habits for the first few weeks; playing with games all-day and all-night.

But if you’re a responsible parent and want to give your children an extra “something” that will cultivate values, engage learning with a sprinkle of entertainment, you can be very selective on the apps you wish to download for their enjoyment. 

The apps can go from interactive games to fairy tale stories that aim to improve reading and creativity, simple to basic math apps that boost a child’s brain power and solving skills, or applications that strive to inspire a sense of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Here’s a pool of interactive smart apps that kids would love to play again and again while trying to teach them in a fun and discreet way.

Toca Builders

Make your child build anything using a builder – build, tear down, paint and construct anything. Put your child’s creativity to a test and build a home, community, a city or a world made up of blocks and a wild imagination! With an eye-candy framework and cheerful background music, building something has never been this fun and exciting.

The Human Body App

There will come a time when children will ask their parents about the different parts of their little bodies. Well, here’s a great and interactive app that makes it easier for you and the kids to learn. The app covers everything, brains to bones. The kids will be able to explore the human form system by system.

The Four Seasons Earth Day App

Teach your little ones how to clean and recycle even at young age. This app features options on helping trees to grow, cleaning up trash and picking fruit. It helps raise awareness and teach children that we need to take good care of our planet as we grow old.


An app that comes with a huggable plush toy. It teaches and taps into children’s curiosity about life and everything under the sun – science, printing, engineering, construction, match and so much more!

Children these days can enjoy educational toys with the use of smartphones and gadgets. With these interactive and fun apps, your kids might not actually be aware that they’re learning and gaining knowledge while playing these STEM-inspired games.

Photo by: Miki Yoshihito

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