Beauty and Aging from 1 to 100

Beauty and Aging from 1 to 100

Beauty and Aging from 1 to 100

Brilliant look at individuals in all their beauty as they age from 1 to 100. The thing that was so apparent is how difficult it is to determine one’s age by their appearance.  I could kind of get the first 10 years and could tell that those in their 90s were older than those in their 60s but beyond that, it was really hard to tell.

Additionally it struck me that beauty was so much more apparent in the elders than in the youngers.  The richness of life played out on their features and their answers.  There were other signs of beauty in the person’s face, their voice, their spunk and their gaze.  How do we honor that type of beauty?

Honoring Internal Beauty

Honoring Internal beauty seems to be more prevalent in other societies than it is in USA.  We are so obsessed with outward appearance that we overlook the true beauty of a person.  It reminds me of the Dustin Hoffman interview on playing the role of Dorothy in Tootsie.

How often do we overlook or look down on those with real beauty in deference to those with surface beauty.  Miley Cyrus is a shining example of how we, as a society, pay so much attention to physical beauty (or in her case extremism) and give them so much media attention that even you do not want to see or hear it, you cannot avoid it.

Compare this to Malala, a beautiful soul, that has awakened the world to the plight of girls in the face of the Taliban and the need for education of girls all over the world.  She met with the President and we saw a few token photo opps of this, Malala absolutely floored Jon Stewart and left him speechless and if you watch his show or found the video you would be amazed.  But for the most part, we just know that she is still alive.

What is wrong with human nature?


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