Turning your Saggy Frown Into a Smile

Turning your Saggy Frown Into a Smile

woman-smilingSo you honestly admitted that you have an almost perfect life – you got your dream job, a house, a loving spouse, lovely kids and a car. All your hard work has paid off but the real question is this: are you completely happy with your life at this moment?

Not all material and earthly things can drive inner happiness to our lives. Most of the time, the simplest and best things that make our life worth living are free. Below are some ways you can be instantly happy inside and out and change your frown into a smile. 

Recall happy memories. Just taking an effort to recall any happy memory you had in the past can uplift your mood in a jiffy. Remember the old days when your mom used to buy you candy or an ice cream to soothe your mood? This simple memory becomes so meaningful if we can only think of it when we need to feel loved and comforted..

Laugh out loud. Although it might sound crazy for some, laughing out loud even from the smallest silliest things can surely brighten up your spirit. Have you tried looking at yourself lately? Find something that you can laugh about – your silly moustache, saggy eyes or non-catchy jokes that don’t sell. Laughing out loud creates a positive energy flow into you making your feel happier and more energetic.

Sing out loud and proud. Just because you haven’t given a beautiful voice, doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to sing! You can freely sing just about anywhere – karaoke bars, your own room or in your shower. Singing out loud even if you’re out of tune can make you feel happy. Just imagine, your adrenal glands starts to flow and that makes you feel excited, high and in the mood to dance!


Choose memory over material things. If you need to choose between a new gadget and a vacation, what would you choose and why? Some may prefer a vacation trip over the other while most of you will choose a new gadget. You see, earthly materials can only give you temporary happiness unlike the ones you experience. An ultimately happy vacation can bring you permanent happiness because of the fun memories you can cherish especially if they are shared with your family and closest peers.

Do acts of kindness. Doing something good for others also gives you an equal amount of happiness.. Contribute something at your workplace or community or help an old lady cross across the street. These simple acts of kindness can go a long way.

Smile! It’s self-explanatory and it doesn’t cost a single cent.


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