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Video Picks This Week

Video Picks This Week
Video Picks This Week

Video Picks for the Week

Another week and new video picks for this week.  My week provided a random variety of stuff interesting videos but let’s start with the ever lovely Marilyn Monroe to celebrate her birthday.

Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday

Senior’s Learn to Blog

They think we are cute.  They make fun of us.  They think they are funny.  But not so fast young whipper snappers.

A Serious Look at Computers of 1987

Laptop Portable with 640k, 2 disc drives, lots of powerful software and an hour of run time.  Thank Goodness we have progressed from there.  Its fun to look back at the origins of laptops, gps, and other technology.  But 1987 was not that long ago.  26 years to be exact so what will we be seeing in the next 25 years?


Summer Snacks for Kids and Grandkids

Summer is here and that means time for fun and activity.  There is not much time for preparing foods so take a hint from these busy moms and make a quick, fun, easy to handle and nutritious roll up!