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Illustrated Children’s Books for Christmas

Illustrated Children’s Books for Christmas

Best Illustrated Children’s Books for 2012

The Best Illustrated Children’s Books and Picturebooks of 2012

I love well illustrated books for children.  There is so much more that can be gained in the imagining versus just the reading of words.  I think this is why Pinterest has become such a great social site – we love the imagination that is stirred by images.  Many well written books for children fall short when it comes to illustrations but this list is one that has been put together by Brain Pickings and I think it is a great start.

The first book on the List of Illustrated Children’s Books is Henri’s Walk to Paris by Saul Bass

henris walk to paris

Henris Walk to Paris

From Indian folk art to neuroscience, by way of Saul Bass, James Joyce, and die-cut Cold War allegories. On the heels of this year’s best science books, art books, design books, and philosophy and psychology books, the 2012 best-of reading lists continue with the annual roundup of the year’s ten-or-so most delightful children’s and picturebooks. […]

Another of my favorites from this list Illustrated Children’s Books is WATERLIFE by Indian publisher Tara Books, who for the past 16 years has



been giving voice to marginalized art and literature through a commune of artists, writers, and designers collaborating on remarkable handmade books, including I Like Cats, Do!, and Tara’s crown jewel, The Night Life of Trees. But now comes what’s positively the most exquisite book I’ve ever held in my hands: Waterlife by artist Rambharos Jha, who explores the marine wonderland through vibrant Mithila art, a form of folk painting from Bihar in eastern India.

A Puppy for Christmas?

A Puppy for Christmas?

What a Puppy For Christmas Can Mean

Why give a puppy for  Christmas?  “If you resist too much the power of the big primary-color emotions that surround the dog, you’re missing the experience.”A puppy for a Christmas Present

It must be the season of the dog, from the recent treasure chest that is The Big New Yorker Book of Dogs (one of the the best art books of 2012) to the history of rabies to Fiona Apple’s stirring handwritten letter about her dying dog. But what is it about dogs, exactly, that has us so profoundly transfixed?

That’s exactly what former New York magazine executive editor John Homans explores in What’s a Dog For?: The Surprising History, Science, Philosophy, and Politics of Man’s Best Friend (public library) — a remarkable chronicle of the domestic dog’s journey across thousands of years and straight into our hearts, written with equal parts tenderness and scientific rigor.

Rachell and her little red head dog named Opie grew up together.  They ran through the woods, he walked her to the school bus, she gave him baths in the shower, they slept side by side.  He protected her from evil and she fed him every day.  She learned responsibility, consistency, focus and love.  He just exuded love.

We miss Opie but got another little red headed dog that is now giving the same love and attention to my husband (who needs lots of training).

A puppy for a Christmas present?  I cannot think of any other gift that will keep giving and giving and giving for years to come.  Who will show you love and affection, will be loyal and true and keep you sane when all else fails.

Go to the shelter nearest you and find a pup for a gift of love!

Cranberries and Popcorn

Cranberries and Popcorn

Stringing decorations for Great grandparents

My father is almost 94 and my mother is 85.  They live together nearby with the help of only once a week cleaning service.  We try to make sure they have meals prepared and available in case they don’t feel like cooking but don’t always manage.

They grew up during the depression and the effect that has had on them is evident even today.  My mother suffered more because her father also died in the midst of the depression leaving my grandmother with 7 children to raise.  Both of my parents are deeply religious.

My mother has always loved Christmas and reflects a rather childlike wonder but more importantly a depth of love about the holidays that few people can match.    Anyway, my husband likes to make sure they have a little Christmas cheer in their surroundings so he bought a small Norfolk island pine tree.

The grandchildren were over for the day and we went down to my parents – their great grandparent’s house to decorate the little tree.  First we had to pop the popcorn – a minor task compared to the days of cooking over the stove not to mention the open fire.   Then we had to get four separate – yet equal – needles and thread for the four grandchildren (you know how that goes) and give some instructions.  The stringing of popcorn and cranberries made a bit of a mess but also a lovely decoration for the tree.  The children have a fun memory of doing something that brought joy to their great grandparents and it will also be good for the birds after the holidays – waste not, want not – as my mother would say.

What have you done to share holiday joy?