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A Puppy for Christmas?

A Puppy for Christmas?

What a Puppy For Christmas Can Mean

Why give a puppy for  Christmas?  “If you resist too much the power of the big primary-color emotions that surround the dog, you’re missing the experience.”A puppy for a Christmas Present

It must be the season of the dog, from the recent treasure chest that is The Big New Yorker Book of Dogs (one of the the best art books of 2012) to the history of rabies to Fiona Apple’s stirring handwritten letter about her dying dog. But what is it about dogs, exactly, that has us so profoundly transfixed?

That’s exactly what former New York magazine executive editor John Homans explores in What’s a Dog For?: The Surprising History, Science, Philosophy, and Politics of Man’s Best Friend (public library) — a remarkable chronicle of the domestic dog’s journey across thousands of years and straight into our hearts, written with equal parts tenderness and scientific rigor.

Rachell and her little red head dog named Opie grew up together.  They ran through the woods, he walked her to the school bus, she gave him baths in the shower, they slept side by side.  He protected her from evil and she fed him every day.  She learned responsibility, consistency, focus and love.  He just exuded love.

We miss Opie but got another little red headed dog that is now giving the same love and attention to my husband (who needs lots of training).

A puppy for a Christmas present?  I cannot think of any other gift that will keep giving and giving and giving for years to come.  Who will show you love and affection, will be loyal and true and keep you sane when all else fails.

Go to the shelter nearest you and find a pup for a gift of love!