The Power of Thinking Positively

The Power of Thinking Positively


Positive thinking entails a positive mindset and good energy. Having a positive mental attitude on all things can enable an individual to attract happiness, good health and even success in any given situation or event. Although most people are still left unconvinced about the power it brings, some people who were able to learn and harness the true power of optimism reported several favourable results.

The beauty of the mind…

All things are created equally, that’s the balance of life! Sometimes, we feel happy and other times, we just feel a little blue. Humans are blessed to have a beautiful, complex mind. We’re given the ability to think, judge and choose between right from wrong on our own. Therefore, how we perceive life and what we are today are products of our decisions and judgements – either good or bad. 

If we choose to follow and live a life with a positive outlook, beautiful and rewarding things may happen. But if we choose to life filled with resentment, regret or hate, events will turn out in an unfavourable and negative way. Or maybe these things happen and its only the way we perceive them that makes it feel positive or negative.  As Stephen King said, “There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you are prepared for the worst.”

8 Amazing Benefits of Being an Optimist

  • You get to appreciate things easily, even the smallest of things.
  • Everything seems so light and easy.
  • You’re not afraid of failures and you see mistakes as room for improvement.
  • You’re less prone to panic attacks and being overwhelmed because you can handle stressful events with calm and ease.
  • You are happier and more content in life.
  • People will likely want to be your friend as they prefer to be surrounded with optimists rather than the pessimists.
  • You are healthier and more likely live into old age.
  • Having a positive outlook is key to success.

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