How to Become a Supportive Grandparent

How to Become a Supportive Grandparent

Even though my grandchildren live a couple of miles away from home, I always try to show my care and affection to them. There’s no denying my magical connection with them and that being with them makes me incredibly happy. That’s why I make the most of my time being a supportive grandparent.

supportive grandparent

Most of my grandchildren are actively engaged in sports. One loves to run cross country, one is a running back his football team, one is a wrestler and one a soccer player.  In fact, as a proud grandparent, I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that my sixth grader just won a spot on the varsity soccer team and my high school senior is the captain and fastest on her cross country team.  AND my grandson and his buddies’ Ultimate Frisbee Throw video was picked up by ESPN and others and has gotten over 1 million views.  One Proud Nana!!

During our free time, my husband and I try to attend their important games and events. It’s a sign of our love and lends support to their chosen interest and passion. When they are too busy to visit us, we are fortunate to be able to communicate via social, phone or online.

It’s just amazing how technology enables us to bridge the gap of communication through these gadgets. You can simply phone someone who’s thousands of miles away and catch up with one another. Then there’s social media to keep everyone in the loop on what’s new and what’s happening with their lives. There are many other ways to show your support to your kids and grandchildren. Here’s a few that I highly suggest:

  • Be sure to not invade their privacy online – ask before posting pictures and especially before tagging them.
  • Don’t be the first or only one to comment on their Instagram posts.  (It drives their friends away if granny posts too much)But still support them appropriately.
  • Don’t try to be too ‘cute’ with the emojis and shorthand.  Use these sparingly.  Think about mini-skirts on teen agers vs grannies.  Same concept – a little goes a long way!
  • Make time. There a difference in making time for your loved ones and having to bond with them during free time.
  • Be available whenever, wherever especially when they need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on.
  • Be a good example. If you want your grandchildren to be inspired, set yourself up as an example they can look up to.
  • Explain and correct their mistakes calmly. A good approach is essential when dealing with grandchildren. Also, make sure to collaborate with the parents on how to discuss the issue with their child.

Follow up and bond with them as often as possible. Times flies so fast! A few years ago, I was delighted to carry them in my arms and in just a blink of an eye, they’re all grown up! Make the most of your time,  enjoy every moment with them and have no regrets!

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