Daddy's Band

Daddy's Band

That's My Daddy

It was her first concert and she was there early. The place was humming with excitement as people poured into the Pavillion. People were friendly and happy and so was she. Suddenly she saw the stage light up and felt and heard the first chords of music through her ear protectors. She noticed one of the big overhead screens, and pointing at it excitedly, said “DaDa, DaDa!” Fifteen-month-old McCamy watched and heard her daddy’s band, Modern Man, as they kicked off the Sweetlife Festival at Merriweather Post Pavilion on May 1, 2011.

My Daddy is Singing

Since that time, Modern Man has been seen all around the D.C. area, in New York with The Attic Ends and many other spots.

Not sure what McCamy thought of the whole thing or if she likes her parents rockin’ into the night but she has been serenaded by her daddy  since before she was born so I guess she likes to see everyone else enjoying it.  She loves music too and rocks out on her own.

Plus the band sounds better all the time and I guess it is clear that this will not be her last concert. This is my favorite from their new EP “Long in the Tooth” by Modern Man.

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