Conquer Fatigue! Best Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

Conquer Fatigue! Best Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

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We used to have this never-ending vitality when we were kids. We hated those afternoon naps believing we had all the energy of the world to play throughout the day. As months, years and decades pass, our vitality gradually diminishes along with our energy levels. This phenomenon is a normal part of aging but we Baby Boomer don’t want to accept it.

There’s nothing to be afraid. We just have to embrace the fact that our aging body doesn’t function as it did several years ago. A few activities can make us feel tired and restless. However, there are a handful of hacks to trick our mind and skyrocket our energy levels. Here’s how!

Think positive!

The secret of happy people is optimism. Being an optimistic person can drive away negative vibes that eat up a lot of our energy. Make sure to always think positively and surround yourself with people who apply this mantra.

Take naps.

Taking power naps (which lasts about 30 minutes) during the afternoon is an instant energy booster. It’s better than drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee which dehydrates the body.


Because our body is aging  we may not have the energy to do the  intensive exercise we once did. A quick walk outside the house or in the garden is also an effective way to increase energy levels.


Doing deep breathing exercises relaxes our mind, body and muscles. Taking deep breaths makes us exhale negative energy in our bodies and inhale oxygen that is important for our brain’s oxygenation for mental clarity and balance.

Eat healthy.

People who follow a healthy diet have higher vitality and energy levels. Moreover, stacking up on foods high in vitamin D can increase the levels of serotonin, which controls your moods in your brain.

So stay positive, stay active and take a deep breath!  The change in your energy level will surprise you!

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