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In the end all we have is memories. How to make memories with grandchildren that positively affect their life and leave them with the sweetness of love.

Gifts for Girls – Books Ages 3-5

Gifts for Girls – Books Ages 3-5

This is a great start to a library for encouraging young girls to be strong and proud.

If you are looking for a gift for your grandchild what better option than a book that can transform their thoughts and give them strength?  These are a few of my special selections for the littlest one on my list.  What are some of your favorites? Please submit your ideas for books so that we can begin to build a list for all girls.

Checklist for Girls Books

If you are ever looking for a good list of books, toys or movies for Girls this website A Mighty Girl is a great resource.

Halloween Costumes for the Over 50 Crowd

Halloween Costumes for the Over 50 Crowd

Halloween – its not just for kids anymore!

Sometimes I wonder if we are still trying to regain our lost childhood or if we have actually pushed the envelope of acceptable behavior by simply never growing up.  Which ever it is, it is very apparent around Halloween that we still want to have fund and unleash our inner diva or macho selves.

I was looking for some good costume ideas and found this great blog post by Boomerinas  site.

Some of her suggestions are

50’s Rockabilly Costume

1960’s Mod Retro Outfit

60’s Hippie Girl Costume

70’s Disco Queen

I think she missed the opportunity to promote Joan of Mad Men or even Mother Nature.

Mother Nature Costume

Mother Nature Costume even Mother Nature 

Granddad's Make Memories Too

Granddad's Make Memories Too

Sticks and Stones and Puppy Dog Tails

Recently I posted about memories made with grandchildren that focused pretty much on ‘grandmotherly’ memories – sugar and spice and everything nice like china, journals, chrystal and such.  But granddads make some of the most impactful memories and pass along treasures that last for generations.

My granddad had a woodworking shop and turned some wonderful bowls for each of us that I think all four still treasure.    My dad made me a beautiful doll bed that was passed to my daughters and then to my granddaughters.  My husband’s grandfather made treasure chest for each of his grandchildren which has held treasures for well over 50 years.


But maybe it is the collections that make the most impact.  Whether you collect rocks, stamps, coins, baseball cards, or other hobbies these collections can be a wonderful point of memory making with grandchildren and a great item to pass on.



Keepsakes from Grandmother to Child

Keepsakes from Grandmother to Child

You know when you hear a favorite song and it takes you right back to a special memory? Keepsakes have that same kind of power. Grandchildren like the hottest new stuff, but they also have a real need for a sense of family history and connection. At the time of giving, keepsakes create an immediate sense of connection. Over the years, they become a powerful symbol of that connection. Keepsakes evoke not only memories and but also feelings and they make us feel part of something bigger, a sense of belonging to a critical part of a living family legacy. Older people have a need to know they matter and that the things which gave them pleasure are valued by others and grandchildren have a need to have a thing that can be used as a memory. 

I heard of a man told the story of visits to his grandmother’s house when he was little and the cut crystal handles she had on the French doors into her dining room. His grandmother would take the door handles off, hang them on a string, and put them in the window so that the sunlight would catch them and there would be a rainbow in the room. When his grandmother died, his aunt gave him the door handles as a keepsake. After that, as he lived in different apartments and town houses across the country, he put those handles on either his bedroom door or the front closet door. Today, he owns his own house and the handles are on a prominent door. Sometimes, he and his six-year-old daughter take the handles off to “make a rainbow in the room.” And that’s the philosophy to life he’s teaching his daughter, a philosophy he got from his grandmother: you can always find a rainbow when you need one.

My own personal treasures are equally as meaningful for me.

There are many  items to evoke memories and serve as keepsakes– like using photos/videos, keeping a journal, writing letters and stories for your grandchildren, writing your life story, giving a handmade gift — all can become treasures. There are also some special things you can do with an eye toward creating keepsakes. I recommend that you start early and make a plan of what you want to share.  Then you may be more likely to follow through and make the memories more integrated into the relationship.  But, if you are like me, you don’t plan ahead and you can simply make sure that when you do have keepsakes for your grandchildren, you make at least one special memory!

Christmas Memory Makers

Christmas Memory Makers

Are you familiar with Pinterest ?  It is an online scrap booking application and is so much fun!  I used to spend hours thumbing through magazines looking for interesting articles but only really taking time to view the gorgeous images and dream about what might be.  Pinterst is like that only better because you can find other friends or interesting people and follow their ideas too.

It is through Pinterest that I have found some great ideas for Memory Makers and my grandchildren this Christmas.  Here are some of my favorites:

Wish List Memory DecorationThe things children wish for, especially when very young are often very touching or funny.  This is a great way to capture those thoughts and make them a fun family tradition for years to come.  Plus, they are simply cute!

Who can resist the hand prints or foot prints of little children and how much fun they have spreading their messy joy all over the place!  These are great ideas and if you can get your little ones to ‘work within the lines’ then you are better than me!  But oh did we have fun trying.  (After Christmas I will show you my results but, for now it is best to look at the desired outcome!)

These are also great ideas for teachers and classes to take home to mommy as Christmas present…says me who cannot manage one little person!

Sock Reindeer

The Sock Monkey has had its day – Its time for the Sock Reindeer!  If you can sew, you can make this cute little guy and the kids will love it!  Send me pictures if you complete it because I can’t sew and would love to see the results!


Do you have any special memory makers that you have made with your Grandchildren or that you want to make with your grandchildren?  If so, please share them and add comments below!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Pinning everyone!  Let me know if you need an invite!