Halloween Costumes for the Over 50 Crowd

Halloween Costumes for the Over 50 Crowd

Halloween – its not just for kids anymore!

Sometimes I wonder if we are still trying to regain our lost childhood or if we have actually pushed the envelope of acceptable behavior by simply never growing up.  Which ever it is, it is very apparent around Halloween that we still want to have fund and unleash our inner diva or macho selves.

I was looking for some good costume ideas and found this great blog post by Boomerinas  site.

Some of her suggestions are

50’s Rockabilly Costume

1960’s Mod Retro Outfit

60’s Hippie Girl Costume

70’s Disco Queen

I think she missed the opportunity to promote Joan of Mad Men or even Mother Nature.

Mother Nature Costume

Mother Nature Costume even Mother Nature 

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  3. Hi, This is Tina Boomerina. Thank you for mentioning my Halloween article. You are RIGHT! I should have put those costumes in my article. Ps I like your site and I will look around more to see what you write about.
    Tina Boomerina [AKA Christina Gregoire]

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