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No Pickin' Nose

No Pickin' Nose

Learning and Teaching Basic Manners

When a 2 year old tells you that there is ‘no pickin nose while cooking’ you really have to listen!  And I must admit, there were times that her comments made me think twice about cooking and clean hands.

Last Christmas, Michelle who has 2 small boys was baking cookies. As they were getting all the items prepared they  ended with washing their hands.  Mom asked “Has Everybody washed their hands and not touched anything dirty since then?”  Little Sam says yes, yes, yes and then hesitates “Wait, Mom, does that include picking my nose? ” So, I guess it really is a rule we need to learn.

Manners Matter and Rules

There are so very many rules it is a wonder that any of us are able to succeed in the social world.  And there are new ones added every week it seems.  Think about the required rules in the Middle Ages – stay alive pretty much covered it.

They were dirty, had horrible grooming habits, ate like goops and never, ever had to learn the difference in complex language similarities such as affect and effect.
Then came the Victorian Age and the rules multiplied.  Next was the Guttenheim press and that took rules to a whole new level.  The next period of growth that I am aware of is the American and French Revolutions where independence from the crown made rules even more necessary as no one else told us what to do.  We each became responsible.

Now enter the age of Internet, Green Economy, Nutritional organic wholesomeness and sustainability.  So many things to remember – what should we drop?

What’s Important to Teach Them?

What should we make sure everyone is taught and what can we leave to “Life’s Lessons”