Ducttape – The most versatile of all Products!

Ducttape – The most versatile of all Products!

Duct Tape is a wonderous tool that has so many uses it is difficult to count.  Of course, there are the standard things that everyone knows about.

  • Strengthen boxes
  • Reinforce furniture
  • Tape ductwork (duh)
  • Cover small holes in your canoe
  • Luggage identification markers
  • Stop light leaks in pipes
  • Cover vents

Around our house we have found a lot of used for ducttape and would not be caught without it.  What can you do with a little duct tape and a need?

Strengthen boxes

                                                                                                                                                          English: Duct tape wallet

Cover small holes in your canoe or repair your bike


 A bicycle, some duct tape, and some wood

Halloween Costumes

 Christmas light-impregnated duct tape space su...

Wedding Attire

 English: A Tuxedo made out of duct tape. This ...

Doctor the dog

Note the tail band aid – she can’t bite the tape off.


Emergency Diaper pins for the baby’s diapers

We left her with her Grandy and apparently forgot to leave diapers.

He did not expect to use his engineering expertise for this!

But she absolutely loved her stylin’ ducttape diapers!



And the best one of all – A guy in Australia takes his friend’s mom, who is paralyzed, surfing! Amazing

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