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Funny, insightful and amazing things that kids say. Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we reflect but we are always engaged by what children say.

Ducttape – The most versatile of all Products!

Ducttape – The most versatile of all Products!

Duct Tape is a wonderous tool that has so many uses it is difficult to count.  Of course, there are the standard things that everyone knows about.

  • Strengthen boxes
  • Reinforce furniture
  • Tape ductwork (duh)
  • Cover small holes in your canoe
  • Luggage identification markers
  • Stop light leaks in pipes
  • Cover vents

Around our house we have found a lot of used for ducttape and would not be caught without it.  What can you do with a little duct tape and a need?

Strengthen boxes

                                                                                                                                                          English: Duct tape wallet

Cover small holes in your canoe or repair your bike


 A bicycle, some duct tape, and some wood

Halloween Costumes

 Christmas light-impregnated duct tape space su...

Wedding Attire

 English: A Tuxedo made out of duct tape. This ...

Doctor the dog

Note the tail band aid – she can’t bite the tape off.


Emergency Diaper pins for the baby’s diapers

We left her with her Grandy and apparently forgot to leave diapers.

He did not expect to use his engineering expertise for this!

But she absolutely loved her stylin’ ducttape diapers!



And the best one of all – A guy in Australia takes his friend’s mom, who is paralyzed, surfing! Amazing

Christmas Memory Makers

Christmas Memory Makers

Are you familiar with Pinterest ?  It is an online scrap booking application and is so much fun!  I used to spend hours thumbing through magazines looking for interesting articles but only really taking time to view the gorgeous images and dream about what might be.  Pinterst is like that only better because you can find other friends or interesting people and follow their ideas too.

It is through Pinterest that I have found some great ideas for Memory Makers and my grandchildren this Christmas.  Here are some of my favorites:

Wish List Memory DecorationThe things children wish for, especially when very young are often very touching or funny.  This is a great way to capture those thoughts and make them a fun family tradition for years to come.  Plus, they are simply cute!

Who can resist the hand prints or foot prints of little children and how much fun they have spreading their messy joy all over the place!  These are great ideas and if you can get your little ones to ‘work within the lines’ then you are better than me!  But oh did we have fun trying.  (After Christmas I will show you my results but, for now it is best to look at the desired outcome!)

These are also great ideas for teachers and classes to take home to mommy as Christmas present…says me who cannot manage one little person!

Sock Reindeer

The Sock Monkey has had its day – Its time for the Sock Reindeer!  If you can sew, you can make this cute little guy and the kids will love it!  Send me pictures if you complete it because I can’t sew and would love to see the results!


Do you have any special memory makers that you have made with your Grandchildren or that you want to make with your grandchildren?  If so, please share them and add comments below!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Pinning everyone!  Let me know if you need an invite!


From the Mouths of Babes

From the Mouths of Babes

This child has wisdom beyond her years to know that imagination and exploration are more valuable than all the movies and television we push at our children. As I sit here in front of my computer I look out at a beautiful world and know that I am truly blessed. You are too, just look around as this video encourages you to do.


Dr. Amy Helps Celebrate Grandparents Day with Free Activity kit for Children

Dr. Amy Helps Celebrate Grandparents Day with Free Activity kit for Children

Quote startChildren gain a much broader sense of the world, how it was in the past and how it has evolved, when they have meaningful connection with their grandparents.Quote end

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) August 31, 2011

Dr. Amy, an expert in caregiving, aging, and retirement, says there are compelling reasons to make a fuss over grandparents. She has developed a free kit for children, containing activities designed to build the bonds of love and understanding on Grandparents Day—and every day.

Download the “Celebrating Grandparents Day” kit. The kit is being distributed through various agencies in the United States and Canada, including the Assisted Living Federation of America.

Here are Dr. Amy’s three reasons to celebrate Grandparents Day:
1.    Grandparents enrich their grandchildren’s lives by providing a deeper sense of history and identity

  •     Children gain a much broader sense of the world, how it was in the past and how it has evolved, when they have meaningful connection with their grandparents. War, politics, medical advances, technology, the role of women—grandparents have lived through a lot and can impart a sense of perspective.

2.    Grandparents support their grandchildren

  •     An increasing number of grandparents are the sole support to their grandchildren, taking the place of the parents and playing the role of primary provider.
  •     In Canada, according to 2006 census data, we’re seeing an upward trend in the number of children for whom grandparents are the primary providers. The number of children under 25 in this situation increased to 54,865 in 2006 from 41,780 in 1991. (Vanier Institute for the Family, Fascinating Families Issue 11 2008).
  •     The same is true in the United States, where 2.6 million grandparents are responsible for most of the basic needs of one or more of the grandchildren who lived with them (2008 data from Census Bureau). Census Bureau reports this number in 2000 as 2.4 million.

3.    Grandparents have stories and wisdom to share
As we age we think about the legacy we will leave behind, and the desire runs deeper than simply gifting money. It is about leaving behind the essence of who we are and passing on our stories and life lessons to the next generation. Grandparents Day is an opportunity to make time for meaningful conversation, and share wisdom and stories across generations.

About Dr. Amy Inc.
A leader in caregiver wellness, Dr. Amy Inc. provides caregivers with expert information and support for the emotional and family issues that are a common part of caregiving. Dr. Amy Inc. was founded by Amy D’Aprix, MSW, PhD, CPCA. Known as Dr. Amy for her warm and engaging style, she is a sought-after speaker and a frequent guest on radio and television. Dr. Amy began working with seniors and their families more than 25 years ago, and was a caregiver to her parents for 10 years. She is the author of two books, and has written many articles on caregiving, aging, and retirement. See:

For more information:
Shelly Potter: (416) 428-7540

Mothers Day and Fathers Day get their fair share of attention. What about Grandparents Day—September 11 this year? An increasing number of grandparents are the sole support and primary provider to their grandchildren. It’s time to recognize their contribution.

Nana, Can I play your phone?

Nana, Can I play your phone?

When I first heard this request, I thought it was funny but now I am beginning to realize the change the once simple device has made in our lives and how “phone” is a total misnomer for the device that allows us to hold our world in the palm of our hand and to expand our braintrust exponentially!  With a simple google search or map request, we can avoid the pain and wasted moments of thinking and preparing.  With social media and text,   we no longer have to plan, consider others actions or even think ahead more than 3 minutes because we can just text them.  With mobile ads, businesses can target me based not only on my demographics, personal preferences and stated likes, they can know when I am conveniently located near their outlet.   With games, we can target our attention and eyes to a small focused area and concentrate on the eye hand coordination that makes Luke Skywalker battles believable and possible.

But should we let our kids “play our phones”?

From Christine Mallait’s blog on the subject  “One of the main ideas to consider about technology and children is: are they getting enough exposure to life outside of the one present inside a television, computer, cell phone, etc.? Back in the day (even ten years ago), children were outside climbing trees, playing sports like baseball in the park, or playing tag outside much more than today’s kids. The onset of technology into children’s lives has made playing Wii sports more desirable than playing soccer outside or going on the computer instead of going to the pool. While obviously children still find their ways into the great outdoors, there are more distractions for them now that video games, iPods, and cell phones have found themselves into the hands of today’s youth. Parents have begun buying into the “easy ways” to entertain children and televisions have become new-found babysitters. Is this necessarily the way the world should be – where technology obscures the great outdoors – especially in such nice weather during the summer? As well, what should the ground rules be for children and new gadgets?

My grandchildren are taught that too much TV, Computer, Wii, Technology will turn their “Brain to Mush”

What are your rules about technology and children?