My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

2015-new-years-resolutionA new year is about to come which suggests hope, a chance to start over and move on to a brand new chapter in life. Whether you’ve had a dreadful 2014 or have had a fantastic one, we are all about to welcome a new year with open hearts, hopeful for a better, happier life.

As part of our yearly mantra, we create a lists of goals we’d like to achieve within the 365-day period. Will it be a step towards self-improvement, finding a new hobby, losing weight, investing for your future or something else, the thought of having these goals drives us to become a better person in the future than we were yesterday.

I’d like to share with you a few of my goals that I will achieve before 2015 ends.

I’ll eat healthy – This time around, I’ll cook and serve more vegetables for lunch and dinner so I can cut down my intake of meat and breads. For sweets and desserts, I’ll have the smallest portion or I’ll use them as a reward for a job well done! I know it’s hard to refuse a huge slice of decadent cake but having them served in small portions wouldn’t hurt my diet.

I’ll walk more – Instead of taking the elevator going to the second level, I’ll use the stairs instead. Also, I’ll choose to park far from doors and entrances so I’ll walk longer. Not only will I fight a sedentary lifestyle, my heart and lungs will thank me later for an improved cardiovascular system.

I’ll visit my kids and grandchildren more often -While I have enough energy and they are still young enough I will play with my grandchildren. I’ll choose to invite them over, Skype or visit them more often so we can all spend time together and create lasting memories.

I’ll spend more time with my husband –  My husband and I love to travel. It’s our way to destress and get ourselves away from the computer for a little while. If we happen to have time on our hands even for a quick weekend getaway, a short trip to the woods or a stroll on the beach is going to be worthwhile as long as we’re together.

I’ll spend more time with my parents – The reality is that they don’t have much time left, as my dad who is almost 97 told me recently – do the math!  So I will take the time to be with them more and help them remember good times and loved ones.

I’ll be kinder – Its easy to get caught up in daily lives and forget about others need our attention.  I will take the time and put forth the energy to be kind to others.  And not just strangers but those in my own family and daily circle.

Not earth shattering and not all that different from years past but certainly at this time it is good to remember who and what is important to me.  I’ll be printing this list and hang it on my office wall so I am always reminded of my new goals for 2015. Now that you’ve read my goals, I’d like to know your new year’s resolutions as well! Feel free to comment down below. Cheers for a happy and a prosperous new year ahead!

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