Wondrous World Book Review

Wondrous World Book Review

Wondrous World of McCamyLast month, I wrote an article about storytelling and shared with you a website that I bumped into while scouting for a book to give to my  grandchildren. While reading a few pages of the Wonderous Ink website, I didn’t have any hesitation. I ordered online and requested a copy. I gave the name of my granddaughter so the book artist and writer could use the letters of her name to describe the main character in the story.

A few weeks later, a special parcel was sent to her doorstep. I am very pleased to see the result.  The story was lovely and the finishing of the the book was perfect. The book is titled “The Wondrous World of McCamy”. My little angel got the book. Her mom said it was like Christmas in summertime as McCamy couldn’t contain her excitement and joy upon receiving her gift. They sat down, enjoyed the lovely colors and read the book together.  I wish I could have been there with her but this little thank you is good enough for Nana.  

Here’s a short video of my precious granddaughter happy and grateful for her own personalized book:



I would like to thank the people behind the Wondrous Book for doing an awesome job! The concept, the idea and the story itself creates a positive self-realization that every child is indeed special and unique in their own ways. Keep up the good work!

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