Things You and I Ought to Do to Improve Our Memory

Things You and I Ought to Do to Improve Our Memory

I must admit, my memory is starting to catch up with my current age. I’m not going to lie but simple things such as misplacing my phone, failing to do a task or a chore and forgetting my passwords happens more often. Several checklists and to-do lists start to pile around my computer and work desk just to make sure I haven’t forgot anything to do on a particular day or week.


I’ve gathered and created a list of activities from various web sources on the things everybody should try to boost memory.  Here are some memory improvement activities to try:


  1. Play brain games such as crossword puzzles.
  2. Doze off and make it at least 6-8 hours a day. Little do people know that lack of sleep can hurt your memory.
  3. Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  4. Always relate new information to something you already know.
  5. Visualize concepts and ideas to improve memory.
  6. Master a new skill – cooking, woodworking, pottery, painting or any kind of activity that can cultivate a new skill.
  7. Use Mnemonics for easy recall.
  8. Stay curious. The brain’s dopamine reward circuitry fires up when people are curious about finding answers.
  9. Read more often and say it out loud. Whether it is books, short stories, news, etc.
  10. Exercise more often. Activities such as walking, brisk walking or taking the stairs are a good start!
  11. Teach new concepts to others as it enhances understanding and recall.
  12. Learn something before going to bed because it has a higher chance of recall the next day.
  13. Use imagery to associate a word or someone.
  14. Indulge in chocolate. Eating chocolate can improve your memory, said Oxford University scientists, who tested 2,000 volunteers. My favorite activity and a new excuse for eating chocolate!
  15. Drink a glass or two of red wine as it improves cognitive ability and memory. Cheers!

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