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Flat Grandchildren

Flat Grandchildren
Cover of "Flat Stanley (picture book edit...

Cover of Flat Stanley (picture book edition)

The first time I heard about “Flat Stanley” or “Flat People” it was my granddaughter Katie and her “Flat Katie” look alike.  Katie had been at home and at school working and studying but “Flat Katie” had gone via the US Post Office all the way to Chicago, where she got to go to a Chicago Cubs game and took a trip to the American Girl store.  Then she actually got to fly to Portland, Oregon where she visited the zoo, climbed a mountain and met her new baby cousin.  Jealous ‘much?

Seems the kids lie on a roll of paper and a friend outlines them, then the “flat person” is personalized by the 3 D kid.    Then, the flat person gets to have experiences that the 3 D kid can only dream up.  The great thing about Flat experiences is that they can always be as wonderful as you imagine them to be.

“Flat Nana” would like to take “Flat Katie” to Paris and Tuscany.  I would like to see the great wall of China and share the temples of Japan with her.  And alas, this is perhaps the only way I will be able to experience the world with her.