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National Sleep Day and Jamison Mattress

National Sleep Day and Jamison Mattress

National Sleep Day and Jamison Mattress

A testimony for Jamison Mattress on National Sleep Day.  National Sleep Day is set aside by our lawmakers to remind us that sleep matters.  The bedding industry reinforces this message.  This is not an advertisement for Jamison Mattress but it is an endorsement borne of personal experience.

National Sleep Day is January 3

Who knew that there was a day our nation dedicated to sleep?  Having spent the last 8 days in my bed with the flu, I am anxious to be part of the rest of the world for a while.  But I do LOVE my sleep.

As I age, I realize the importance that sleep habits and patterns play in our overall well being.  In fact, some of the things learned just this year about sleep are:

  1. Too LITTLE Sleep can increase risk of stroke and other cardiovascular illness – even in people without the usual risk factors, like smoking, a lack of physical activity, or high blood pressure.   Possibly because short sleep increases blood pressure and alters hormones.
  2. Too MUCH Sleep can also increase risks for  the heart, according to a study published in March. Researchers found that people who slept eight or more hours a night had a higher risk for cardiovascular problems including stroke, congestive heart failure and heart attack.
  3. Sleep DEPRIVATION leads to immune system issues and poor eating habits.  A study tracked responses to images of unhealthy and healthy foods and found that on the nights participants got just four hours of sleep, they experienced greater activity in the reward and motivation areas of their brains, suggesting increased vulnerability to the unhealthy picks and poor decision making.

My Jamison Mattress is the Best Investment Ever

National Sleep Day seems a fitting time to tell you about the Jamison Mattress I own.  I could not be happier with the quality and exceptional comfort of the mattress.  About 8 years ago after suffering from tossing and turning all night, I invested in a Jamison pillowtop mattress.  I do not know the name of the particular style but I do know that it is the best investment I have ever made.

My friends have actually requested overnights and sent my husband out of town just for the chance of sleeping on my mattress (note: I did not say sleeping in my bed ).  My grandchildren bicker over who gets to sleep with Nana in her bed and they sleep long and sound.  My family all know that the mattress is top of the line and each seek to experience the comfort and actual nurturing that it provides.

photo by: peasap