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Keeping Kids safe of Social Sites

Keeping Kids safe of Social Sites

Safety online  is so important and something that grandparents are concerned about.  There are so very many phisihng scams, bullys, identity thiefs etc that it is hard to know what is legitimate and what is not and how much freedom should our kids have online.

Some of  the worst experiences on social sites arise when kids are being mean to each other, posting unwanted photos, and/or revealing secrets about others. Let’s face it, children don’t understand the consequences of “innocent” actions they may take.  This is a good post by my friend Laura Rubenstein who shares some  steps to take to keep your kids safe.  http://www.socialbuzzclub.com/451/kids-safe-on-facebook

Another good article to research is found here:

How To Keep Your Kids Safe On Facebook – AllFacebook

In the age of social networks, it becomes more and more common for parents to monitor their children’s social network profile — in the future, it’ll be part of their parental duty of supervi …

Finally, this is a great video about some of the ‘kid friendly’ social sites that your kids or grandkids may be visiting.

Digital Sage for Grandparents