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What to do when I’m 62

What to do when I’m 62

What to do when I’m 62?

My daughter, who is 32, looks forward and thinks 62 is an age to retire.

Aunt Onie

My Aunt, who is 92, looks back on 62 as an age to kick up your heels and live it up. I think I will agree with My Aunt.  Here is Onie on what she would do if she were 62 again.  It is interesting to consider our ages from various perspectives.

Although just 100 years ago a person of the advanced age of 62 would have out lived the life expectancy by 15 years, today, we are just hitting our prime. Since my family history has very long life lines, I can look at 62 as truly middle age.

So what will I do now that I am 62?