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How Boomers Use the Internet

How Boomers Use the Internet

Have Boomers Mastered the Internet?

If there is one thing I know it is that Boomers have always identified themselves and prided themselves on individualism.  I think we coined the phrase didn’t we?  We do not like to be lumped into a single group based on our age, gender, weight, race or anything else.  So why is it that those selling technology have not figured this out.  We are all different even though there may be some similarities it is no more a prerequisite than other psychographic or demographic markers.

With that in mind, I wanted to know how are Boomers using the Internet and what is the level of Digital understanding among those born between 1945 and1964.

All Eyes Turn To Boomers And How They Use The Internet


It’s not a good idea to plug all Boomers in as ultra-savvy in all things tech. Like their children and grandchildren, they are selective in which elements of technology they like to use. Nielsen paints a picture of “techno-Boomers

How Saavy are Boomers?

A Role for Seniors and Boomers in Digital Literacy | The Pulse of


Boomers and seniors are uniquely qualified to bring some ‘high-touch’ to the ‘high-tech’ by offering an historical perspective and unique ability to put sociability back into social media. Show the kids and grandkids that there’s

Truth or Stereotype?