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4 Yr Old, Fireworks, Pink Guitar and Daddy

4 Yr Old, Fireworks, Pink Guitar and Daddy

Little 4 Yr Old  Girl and her Daddy sing to scare away the fireworks

If you ever wondered why daddies matter, watch this little home made video of a little girl who is afraid of the fireworks, her daddy and a pink guitar.  She is adorable and her daddy is so patient, strong and reassuring.

Do you remember the fear of loud noises in the night?  I do and I remember pulling the covers over my head to keep the boogie men away but I do not remember my daddy singing to me on my little pink guitar while filming it for the world to see – oh, right, we did not have pink, child sized guitars, iphones or youtube.  But my daddy saved me anyway.

We need Dads

I do not want to discourage the single moms out there or say anything that implies they have to have a guy because it aint so but at the same time, we do need to recognize the tremendous impact strong, supportive and available dads have on the lives of their kids.

My experience is that dads address situations differently and just the exposure to those different reactions and experiences gives a child balance and confidence.  The dads in my life have been tinkers and creators of new devices that worked to solve a problem.  Whether it was a book cover for odd shaped books, science projects that were outside the box or devices to close the door from a distance to keep the big brothers out of the room.  They were creative thinkers.

Dads also have a strength in the way they hold you as a child, hold your hand as you get older or speak to you wen angry that makes you know they are in control.  So depending on the circumstance the child can be totally safe or completely afraid.

This charming little father daughter duo has stole my heart this week.  How about you?