Sunday – Important day with Family

Sunday – Important day with Family

Sunday is Family Day

Working parents and grandparents like myself maybe swamped with the amount of work they have to deal with during working days. The majority of the workforce has the luxury to take time off on the weekends. This grants them a full weekend to spend time with themselves, do household chores on Saturday. Sunday on the other hand is a special day to bond with their families and friends. Hence, society dictates, Sunday is family day!

Remember the song “Monday, Monday – can’t trust that day” by the Mamas and Papas?

I like to change the lyrics to:

“Sunday, Sunday – can’t miss that day”.

Spending time with your spouse, children or perhaps your grandchildren (if you’re a nana like me) is essential. There must always be a certain day in a week to rest, de-stress yourself and have a quality time with everyone close to your heart, especially if you have kids to nurture. You need the ‘time’ to attend to their needs, help them in their science projects, play with them, be their best confidant or just chat away about anything in their life or interests.

For us grandparents who may live near or far away with our grandkids, we also need to make ourselves available for them. A perfect time would also be a weekend where they can enjoy two full days without school assignments bothering them.

Let’s make our time count because we matter in our grandchildrens’ lives. Let’s read them a story even through video calls once a month, commend them on their achievements, share our story and the countless valuable lessons we’ve learned. Let’s give them a piece of something that they will forever remember. Because spending time with our grandchildren is an investment for us, for their parents and for them.

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