SquareHub Family Network

SquareHub Family Network

A Private Family Network – SquareHub

Do you need a private way to communicate with EVERYONE in your Family – and no one else. There’s an App for that – SquareHub Family Network.   As a grandmother, I am in awe of the amount of coordination required to manage today’s busy family.  I am often asked to help in the pick ups or transfers or game day events.  When live gets complicated, clear communication is difficult and that is BEFORE you add in the element of teenage communication skills – with their grandparent, no less.

This nifty new app might  be just the thing to communicate with everyone we need to and not those we don’t.   SquareHub, a free iOS mobile app for sending private messages and photos, coordinating activities, and sharing those spontaneous moments of joy with just the family.

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SquareHub addresses the need to coordinate multiple activities each day while keeping personal information private. With SquareHub, every family member on the network can send instant private messages and photos. Parents can coordinate activities and kids can request a pickup or tell parents privately when they will be home. SquareHub replaces the inconvenience of multiple communication avenues—texting, phone calls and email—with the ease of a single app that all members can use.

Families with active teenagers, professional parents, divorced parents, and military families will love the privacy protection, efficiency, and virtual presence SquareHub brings to their daily communication. With SquareHub, families no longer have to think twice about sharing personal details like where everybody is, what everyone is doing and those goofy, memorable moments they want to share with each other.


Plus it appears to be a great planning tool for my brothers and I as we are coordinating help for our parents.  Add an element of fun and you have what appears to be a very useful tool.

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Did I mention it is FREE and PRIVATE?  I love that!



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