New Gadget, App and Digital Service

New Gadget, App and Digital Service

A new Gadget, App and Digital Service

Finding a new gadget, app and digital service that will help me or my family live simpler or more productively is a treasure hunt that I really enjoy.  And I have found quite a few that I think you will like too.  So I will begin posting what I find and you can choose which ones work for you.

New Gadget and App:  Lost and Found

A new Gadget and App coming out this winter helps you locate lost items – like keys, purses, bikes, backpacks etc.  Sounds pretty cool to me.


Digital Service: Task Rabbit and Dust Bunnies

I learned about this digital service, Task Rabbit,  that allows people to outsource themselves for basic services – running errands, buying groceries, hooking up computers, clearing away dust bunnies etc.  These seemingly simple task become overwhelming when we don’t have the time, physical capability or expertise to handle it.

For example, my mom recently broke her hip.  Having someone run to the store for a few items will be useful for months to come and this is much less expensive and less intrusive than care takers. She could also use help with minor maintenance items.  There is a college nearby and if some of these students were signed up, they could connect and both be happier!

The service providers are vetted and background checked so there is more security than a Craigslist and less cost than a Care taker Service.  People work when they want doing what they want.

Can’t wait for it to come to my town!


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